Thursday, May 24, 2012

Adventures in Babyfood

We are still 2 months out from solids for Tate (if I can wait that long). But today I had some apples in my fruit bowl that had seen better days. It was either use it or lose it and so I used them to make Tate some Apple Puree.

Recipe from Baby Bullet Cookbook

Apple Puree
1 Apple 
1/4 Cup Water

Peel and core apple (I cut mine into chunks because thats how I core apples). 

Boil or steam (we boiled but I think you could also roast it). I cut the apples into large chunks and it took about 15 minutes to boil them to softness. 

Put into Baby Bullet (or food processor) and voila! 

I used Granny Smith apples and used the water from the pan to thin the puree though in my opinion you didn't need a lot of water. Maybe if you steamed or roasted them but after boiling them they had plenty of liquid. 

Diesel loves apples and sat diligently at my feet the whole time I peeled, cored, sliced, and pureed.

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