Friday, June 1, 2012

From Brassy to Classy

I love a good thrift store transformation. I usually have 5 or 6 things on a mental list that I'm on the lookout for- I rarely ever actually come home with something I was "looking" for.

For over a year I have had a BOLO out on a pair of lamps for our nightstands.

This was the lamp that was on MY nightstand. It had a mate on my husband's nightstand but I broke it. These lamps were a previous thrift store find that I transformed (they were pink ceramic) but they were clearly way too small (have I mentioned before that I am spatially challenged) so when it broke I was okay with it.

So, since that time I have searching for two matching lamps that were suitable for a makeover. I ever so briefly entertained the idea of buying new lamps (aghast!) but then I went to the store and looked at the new lamp price tag and suddenly my lonely too small lamp seemed like it would be just fine until I could find a pair of used lamps. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a PAIR of used lamps? But today at Goodwill I saw them. They were brassy and dusty and dirty and I thought they might be too big but they worked and they were only $5.00 so they came home with me.

I cleaned them up, taped plastic bags around the electrical parts, and busted out Ol' Faithful, AKA Oil Rubbed Bronze.

I can tell you it pained me to spend $15.00 a piece on the lamp shades but then I saw this near replica to my lamps on the shelf next (photo from Target website) to the lamp shades and its $45.00 price tag (with no shade) and well $20.00 per lamp including the shade seemed like one heck of a deal.

Here is a close up of this lovely lady in her new home.

And the beautiful pair of them in our bedroom (and yes, I made the bed just for you all).

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  1. The after is so fabulous! I may have to check out some yard sales now!
    Kindest regards,

    1. Thanks! I am completely in love with them (just ask my hubby who has had to listen to me wax poetic about about perfect they are all day)!

  2. Awesome lamps! Like you, I never come home with something that was on my list..but somehow always end up finding lots of things that WEREN'T on my list but that I decide I absolutely have to have :)

  3. Lucky you finding a pair of lamps and the make-over is terrific. I like the shape of yours better than Target's.